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Working for Cogent is an exciting prospect. Our vision is to become one of the number one choice for UK farmers and one of the leading genetics businesses in the world. As the demand for food grows enormously around the world, the role of the farmer in supplying food has never been more important. At Cogent, we form strong working partnerships with farmers to improve their productivity, profitability and herd health while respecting the environment in which we operate.

People are our most prized asset and to realise our goal, we need the right people in place. From breeding advisers and stockmen to laboratory technicians and veterinarians, we seek talented individuals whose expertise and knowledge is matched only by their commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Graduates and students
We know that to realise our goals long-term, we need the right people for the future. That means attracting committed, talented and passionate people to work with us.

The prospects for both graduates and school leavers are good and anyone interested in working with Cogent should contact our HR department at