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Nutrition & health

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1. Pre-Service Period Management & Nutrition

Heifers should be moved into easily handled groups. Large groups can be difficult to handle and can cause stress.

Cows milking heavily, in negative energy balance and losing condition are less likely to get in calf. Settle the animals onto a consistent diet, nutritionally balanced for energy, protein and minerals preferably on a rising plane of nutrition.

Do not make diet changes for one month before or after the service period.

2. Reproductive Health in Cows and Heifers

Reduce disease known to impair reproductive performance by early diagnosis, treatment or preferably prevention by vaccination e.g. Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) and Leptospirosis.

Ensure that the post-calving cow has resumed normal cyclic activity and that the uterus has prepared itself for a subsequent pregnancy and is free of infection or damage e.g. vaginal discharge (endometritis).

Cows with concurrent disease e.g. mastitis or lameness are less fertile and careful consideration should be given to these prior to service.