Kersey Lionheart

Beef Impact

  • Sire: Heroique De L'Ecluse
  • Dam: Kersey Flute
  • MGS:
  • Ear Tag: UK222596301058
  • AI Code: BB1555


Lionheart offers a gestation length of 279 days combined with good calf quality. Whilst his gestation is short, I would recommend that you use him on cows in early lactation, purely because I believe his BW will increase further when used on later lactation cows. We’ve had good reports of this bull both in our test herds and the traditional visions programme due to him producing good quality calves that are consistently light blue-roan.

For commercial use only
Early lactation only

Jessica Simms - Beef on Dairy Specialist

EMI £63.56 + MVI £32.49


  • Calving ease (%) 97.8
  • Gestation length 279
  • Calf Vigour 1.61
  • Birth weight (kgs) 2.84
  • Calf quality (%) 97.0
  • Coat colour 94.0
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