Kersey Law

Beef Impact

  • Sire: Auchenlay Hitman
  • Dam: Kersey Flash
  • MGS: Twyning Ash Worcester
  • Ear Tag: UK222596501067
  • AI Code: BB1550


Kersey Law is one of the first bulls to come through our British Blue breeding programme. His sire ‘’Auchenlay Hitman’’ is a consistent producer of exceptional calf quality with above average calving ease and reduced gestation's. Hitman is currently our MVI leader at £30.08. His dam ‘’Kersey Flash’’ provides a pedigree with low birth weights and exceptional calving ease. With this combination of genetics, we expect this naturally muscled bull to produce an outstanding package of calf quality and calving ease.

For commercial use only
Early lactation only

Boomer Birch, Beef Programme Manager

EMI £52.31 + MVI £30.01


  • Calving ease (%) 97.3
  • Gestation length 280
  • Calf Vigour 1.43
  • Birth weight (kgs) 1.87
  • Calf quality (%) 95.1
  • Coat colour 98.0
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