Maidenlands Marshall

Beef Impact

  • Sire: Twyninng Ash Ukulele
  • Dam: 5677 ' T Hof Ter Zilverberg
  • MGS: Noceur De Fooz
  • Ear Tag: UK104493500509
  • AI Code: BB1578


Marshall is one of the highlights of our 2020 graduating bulls. This bull really does carry it all. Outstanding calf quality, supported by exceptional calving ease and low birth weights. Calves show muscle development from an early age and continue to develop. Marshall is sired by the heavily proven 'Twyning ash Ukulele’ making him paternal to the Cogent number one bull 'Kersey Linchpin’. Marshall boosts a great set of figures with a 99% calving ease figure, and an overall CBI index of £100. We have seen outstanding quality with this bull and expect him to consistently deliver customer satisfaction.


Boomer Birch - Beef Programme Manager

EMI £59.34 + MVI £37.46


  • Calving ease (%) 97.8
  • Gestation length 280
  • Calf Vigour 1.06
  • Birth weight (kgs) 0.11
  • Calf quality (%) 98.9
  • Coat colour 98
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