Kelowna Lars

Beef Impact

  • Sire: Lawns Dominic
  • Dam: Kelowna Indigo
  • MGS:
  • Ear Tag: UK102530101171
  • AI Code: BB1539


Lars is a great addition to the BOD portfolio providing good quality consistently blue-roan progeny. Calves from this bull are performing well on-farm and are easily hitting the 50kg weight specifications at a young age. Although, Lars has been used on cows in various stages of lactation in our test herd, I would recommend using him on early lactation cows due to his slightly heavier Birth Weights.

For commercial use only

EMI £52.61 + MVI £29.01


  • Calving ease (%) 98.9
  • Gestation length 281
  • Calf Vigour 1.35
  • Birth weight (kgs) 1.48
  • Calf quality (%) 96.3
  • Coat colour 97.0
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