Beef Visions

international list

Name Breed CBI EMI MVI Calving ease Gestation length
Blackhaugh Blackcap U858 Aberdeen Angus
Kersey Nimbus British Blue
Blackhaugh Cracker Aberdeen Angus
Kersey Nickel British Blue
Twemlows Officer Limousin
Popes Jameson 18 Simmental
Gouldingpoll 1 Stockman Hereford
Tanat Logan British Blue
Morven Mr Albert Aberdeen Angus £88.20 £69.0 £19.20 97.7 278
Kersey Lionheart British Blue

I want a high-quality product with good pregnancy rates and easy calving, which is why I have been using Cogent Triple Impact for the last 5 years!

Philip Winward Croxton Manor Farm, Cheshire