Cogent offers the most robust and successful sexed product available on the market today anywhere in the world.

SexedULTRA 4M is the management tool modern dairy farmers have been searching for across generations, offering 90% female calves and conception rates achievable on a par with conventional semen.


It wasn't always like that. Since the advent of Artificial Insemination (AI) in dairy cattle, farmers and breeding companies alike had dreamt of selecting the sex of the calves born. It was after extensive research and development that Cogent became the first breeding company in the world to offer sexed semen commercially and our sexed semen has now been successfully used on farm since 1999.

Although the technology for sorting sperm has not changed, Cogent has improved the product enormously from its original form with the application of various new techniques including world-leading quality controls and a world exclusive freezing technique underpinned years of on farm experience.


There are a number of reasons:

  • A growing population, particularly in the developing world coupled with changing
    dietary habits had resulted in the global demand for milk and other dairy products growing daily. No longer is over supply forcing prices down, the opposite is true with supply not able to keep up with ever increasing demand.
  • Replacement heifer prices are at all time highs across the world, with farms expanding in an attempt to meet the global demand for milk.
  • The demand for beef from the dairy herd is high with buyers seeking top quality crossbred calves rather than Holstein bull calves.
  • Animal health & welfare continues to rise as a priority at consumer, supermarket and government level, making easily calved heifers a priority.

SexedULTRA 4M provides a fast and highly effective solution to all of these issues, a management tool for the today's progressive dairy farmer.

With years of experience in sexing semen, Cogent offers the most comprehensive list of bulls available sexed, combined with the most robust and reliable product, tried and tested around the world.

I have never seen my cows as healthy. The use of sexed semen has lowered our vet bills, and I have seen a vast genetic improvement in the herd.

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