Breeding a cow that suits your farm and your farming system is key to running a successful business, and can make or break a dairy enterprise!

Neil & Donna Lovatt Moston Farm, Shropshire

I have never seen my cows as healthy! Cogent Sexed Semen has lowered our vet bills, and I have seen a vast genetic improvement in the herd.

John Roberts Oak Farm, Cheshire

I have the confidence in using Cogent Sexed Semen, receiving excellent conception rates and great results time and time again!

James Yeatman Grange Farm, Dorset

I want a high-quality product with good pregnancy rates and easy calving, which is why I have been using Cogent Triple Impact for the last 5 years. It is great value for money and provides top-end quality calves that are easily born, full of vitality and have fantastic growth rates!

Philip Winward Croxton Manor Farm, Cheshire

The British Blue beef sires from Cogent have enabled us to maximise calf value, decrease calving index whilst increasing milk output. Sires consistently produce high quality, easily born calves with good temperaments.

Mike Oakley Lower Shadmoor Farm

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