Avocat de Tongue

Beef Impact

  • Sire: Hazard Vd Pannemeers
  • Dam: Pamoison De Tohogne
  • MGS: Lord De Tohogne
  • Ear Tag: BE858773964
  • AI Code: BB1664


We are pleased to release this exceptional new British Blue bull to the Visions programme. Avocat models some of the best proven Belgian sires in the breed. His sire Hazard is recognised in Belgium for lower birth weights and exceptional calf quality. We expect this bull to provide the desired calving ease and short gestations without sacrificing any calf quality. For commercial use only.

Boomer Birch, Beef Programme Manager

EMI £39.90 + MVI £-2.00


  • Calving ease (%) 99
  • Gestation length 284
  • Calf Vigour 1.2
  • Birth weight (kgs) 0.2
  • Calf quality (%) 82
  • Coat colour
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