Signature Beef

international list

Name Breed
Coose Pat PP New Simmental
Craigatoke Seanog New Limousin
Blackhaugh Nicander X292 New Aberdeen Angus
Gouldingpoll 1 Duncan P New Hereford
Broombrae Major New Simmental
Caran Caleb 5th New Welsh Black
Coose Norway P New Simmental
Solitude Rodriguez New Charolais
Silverwood Salah New British Blonde
Simply Like a Legend 20 New Simmental
Scotland Hill Loxley 20 New Simmental
Elliot Fortnite (P) Beef Shorthorn
Blackhaugh Inger U847 Aberdeen Angus
Clonagh Latin Lover Simmental
Denizes Kilimanjaro 19 Simmental
Chapelton Pioneer (P) Beef Shorthorn
Mr Nanashi Wagyu
Alchester Kracker 19 Simmental
Wirruna Peace Hereford
Pabo Peredur Limousin
Wolfstar Kolisi (P) Simmental
Skyhigh 1 Take a Chance P Hereford
Mawarra Showtime Hereford
Mawarra Hugo Hereford
Netherhall 1 Matty S098 PP Hereford
Sacombe Kestrel 19 Simmental
Crackley Bank Oscar British Blue
Hawkley Red Paxton Aberdeen Angus
Hawkley Red Ferdinand Aberdeen Angus
Popes Kontiki Simmental
Whitecliffe Panama Charolais
Twemlows Officer Limousin
Claragh Neymar Limousin
Popes Jameson 18 Simmental
Whitecliffe Orwell Charolais
Popes Jasper 18 Simmental
Rawburn Kong Aberdeen Angus
Melview Gregor Aberdeen Angus
Kersey Kingpin British Blue
Blelack Leicester T857 Aberdeen Angus
Wirruna Lennon Hereford
Elite Lacette Limousin
Ballinalare Farm Galaxy 15 Simmental
Netherhall 1 Oz Daffy M024 PP Hereford
Gerrygullinane Glen Limousin
Barnsford Ferny Charolais
Bedgebury Kent British Blue
Rawburn Black Bush S420 Aberdeen Angus
Our priority is to find an easy calving sire that produces progeny with exceptional growth rates and potential. Cogent have provided us with just that!
Gilchrist Family West Meikle Pinkerton Farm, Scotland