Cogent bolster Wagyu line up with two new sire releases

Cogent have continued to strengthen their Wagyu offering with the release of two new high merit sires.

Wyndford Big Daddy -

A standout Wagyu with a superb set of EBVs. Big Daddy boasts a unique combination of above average birthweight and exceptional carcass quality. This bull will produce progeny that reach weight targets rapidly, whilst maintaining calving ease. Big Daddy is the perfect choice for customers who want to produce a Wagyu calf that grows quickly and meets Integrated Supply Chain specifications. His sire, Arubial United P0342 was ranked the Number 1 Wagyu bull in the world in 2022.

Wyndford Big Daddy

Wyndford Diablo -

Diablo boasts a marbling score of 3.0 and a marble finesse score of 0.41, ranking him in the top 1% of the breed. His moderate growth supported by Fullblood Index and F1 Terminal index in the top 1% of the breed makes this sire very interesting to both Fullblood and commercial producers.

Wyndford Diablo

For further information surrounding Cogent's Wagyu offerings, freephone 0800 783 7258 or contact your local Genetic Consultant

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