Cogent celebrate their first shipment to Iraq

Cogent’s first ever shipment to Iraq has arrived at the Goldfish Company, this week. The only company to offer an AI centre in the Kurdistan region, received their 10,000 unit shipment, including both dairy and beef semen.

Eamon Monaghan,Cogent’s International Sales Manager, is excited to have established a new working relationship with Iraq since starting working with the company in September, “We are very pleased to be working with the Goldfish team in Iraq. They are a dynamic company who have rapidly built an impressive standing in the region. We are looking forward to continuing to work together to further strengthen the Cogent brand across Iraq and the Middle East.”

Burhan Sabir Zangana, AI Manager for Goldfish Company, is equally as excited to work with Cogent “We would like to thank the whole Cogent team for being helpful and proactive. Our first dealing was completed seamless and we are happy with the new relationship.”

Iraq’s agricultural sector represents a small, but vital component of Iraq’s economy. However, population growth combined with the need to produce more food from a limited and shrinking resource base of land and water have resulted in farming systems that maximize short-term returns.

Since the emergence of AI in Iraq back in 1965, most cattle are now cross-bred. Most cattle are cross-bred Simmental, Jersey, Brown Swiss and Holstein Friesian, and those cross-bred cattle will be the recipients of Cogent product.

Picture – Burhan Sabir Zangana, AI Manager – Goldfish Company

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